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Please contact us by Email, TelephoneText to purchase an item. Please also request a condition report. All pieces are guaranteed genuine. We do not sell fakes, repos or copies. All pieces are guaranteed to have been made no more than five years either side of the circa date shown and to be in the condition stated. Returns will be accepted up to 7 days of your receipt of the item(s) for a full refund, but NOT postage in either direction except in the case of gross inaccuracy of the description. Items returned as part of a free shipping agreement, will have the actual postage paid deducted.
Payment can be made by cheque in pounds sterling, credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. Items paid by credit or debit card can only be sent to cardholders address unless the cardholder is personally known to us and cards from abroad might be subject to delay. All payment will be in pounds sterling. 
Please do not send payment until we have confirmed the items is still in stock.
Shipping will take place as soon as possible after we have received cleared funds. UK shipping will be 5.00 unless otherwise stated. Posting abroad will be subject to negotiation. A typical parcel to the US Canada or Australia is 10 to 20 by Royal Mail.. Larger or heavier items will go Parcel Force, Fedex or DHL

We cannot guarantee delivery times for overseas shipments as they can be subject to customs delays over which we have no control.

All goods are sold subject "margin scheme" for VAT purposes unless specifically noted and no VAT maybe reclaimed by domestic or overseas purchasers. On the "margin scheme" we pay  VAT on our profit.

Title to all items remains with Jupiter Antiques until full payment has cleared.

































































Quality 18th, 19th, and 20th century porcelain, from Worcester, Derby, Chelsea, Longton Hall, Bristol, Plymouth, West Pans, New Hall, Staffordshire, Coalport, Minton, Bow, Vauxhall, Meissen, Sevres and other porcelain, pottery and china. Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby. We sell English porcelain, antique English porcelain, British porcelain, worcester porcelain, worcester china, royal worcester china, royal worcester porcelain, antique worcester, English worcester porcelain, worcester pottery, Bow porcelain, Bow china, Caughley china, Caughley porcelain, , Derby  porcelain, Derby pottery, Derby china, Bow porcelain, Bow pottery, Bow china, Longton Hall porcelain, Longton Hall pottery, Longton Hall china, Bristol porcelain,  Bristol pottery,  Bristol china, Plymouth porcelain,  Plymouth pottery,  Plymouth china, Chelsea porcelain,  Chelsea pottery, Chelsea china. Liverpool pottery, Liverpool china, Liverpool porcelain.

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