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Friday 1-12-2023

If you have not read our buying information since the 9th April 2020, please do so before making a purchase. Click here.

 Due to large increases in the cost of international postage, we can no longer guarantee free international postage, but we will subsidise the cost based on the weight and price of the item and most smaller pieces will still be free.

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updated 30-11-23

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Bow Porcelain

Bristol-Plymouth Porcelain

Caughley Porcelain

Chelsea Porcelain

Derby Porcelain

Liverpool Porcelain

Longton Hall Porcelain

Lowestoft Porcelain

Vauxhall Porcelain

Worcester Blue Porcelain

Worcester Coloured Porcelain

Worcester Transfer Porcelain

19th and 20th c. British Porcelain

European Porcelain

Mix and Match Porcelain

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